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This tag is for questions about answers: how to answer, whether specific answers are appropriate, and so forth.

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Why answer sorting is off on this question

Question: Google Sheets execute script only in certain range on certain sheet It opens with sorted by "Highest score (default)": but, answers are not arranged by highest score, see ...
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I can't answer a Stack Exchange question

I tried to answer a question where Gmail thinks someone is trying to access your account. The question mentions the person has VPN. But Stack Exchange prevents me giving an answer as I don't have 50 ...
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Typo or incorrect logic on protected questions?

I could be mistaken, but on this page I see I need 10 rep to answer: I have 25 rep and can't answer. I'm not sure why?
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What we should do with formula-screenshot only answers?

In the last year we got a lot of answers that include only a formula and a screenshot to google-sheets questions. I just found an answer to FILTER(condition OR condition) syntax? that include two ...
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Why am I not given the option to answer this question?

I was having an issue and found a question that matched it: Whatsapp Web: "Phone Not Connected" However, I've now solved this issue on the newest version of Android and would like to post ...
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Is "It is not possible" a legitimate answer?

As we all know several times a day we are asked here on web-apps, Is it possible to perform X action on Y web app The answers usually tend to be yes it's possible and an explanation. But in some ...
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Best practices for recommending a web app or other tool

I understand that questions asking for app recommendations (or even just "if such an app exists") are off-topic. Questions should be about problems to solve. Sometimes, though, the best solution to a ...
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Should I delete my now obsolete answer?

Back in 2014 I answered the question Google Spreadsheet generate random numbers with Math.random(), based on how Google Spreadsheets worked at that time:
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How does the community here define a partial answer?

I request the community to let me know: How does it define a partial answer? What should be the minimum information a partial answer should include? In what circumstances a partial answer should be ...
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Question asked but answer no longer valid [duplicate]

What do you do if the answer to a question you have asked is no longer valid due to changes made by the website? For example this one about YouTube.
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What does the community think about asking (and answering) really simple questions?

I've got a few family members that are, well let's just say "not very technologically astute", and have asked me a few times similar questions on how to use different online services that most people ...
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Multiple new users linking to same service

Most of the answers they've posted only say go to but a few mention how it may be company employees posting these short answers. Are they applicable to be marked as spam if they all ...
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Answers as comments are correct, but no answers on questions - what to do?

I'm browsing through the unanswered questions area of the site and I've come across at least a three questions that have correct answers in the comments area and even suggested correct by the OP. ...