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What do you do if the answer to a question you have asked is no longer valid due to changes made by the website? For example this one about YouTube.

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Downvote it and leave a comment that it's no longer valid. You should post a new answer with updated instructions

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    Unless, I would say, when the question was asked in context of a certain version of the application that still exists in parallel. – Christiaan Westerbeek Jan 26 '15 at 17:25
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    @ChristiaanWesterbeek yeah, that's fair – Sathyajith Bhat Jan 26 '15 at 17:34
  • I really don't think it's nice to the answerer to downvote an answer because the website / application has changed since then. – Franck Dernoncourt Jan 28 '15 at 5:06
  • @FranckDernoncourt the downvote will serve as an indicator to update the answer. Once updated the downvote can be revoked. – Sathyajith Bhat Jan 28 '15 at 5:08
  • @Sathya How about just adding a warning at the beginning of the answer? – Franck Dernoncourt Jan 28 '15 at 5:09
  • @FranckDernoncourt what's the point? Answers on Stack Exchange should strive for accuracy. An answer with a warning doesn't do any good, might as well delete it – Sathyajith Bhat Jan 28 '15 at 5:14
  • @Sathya I am not sure that it's the best way to keep contributors: maybe just deleting / greying out their answers but keeping their reputation points? – Franck Dernoncourt Jan 28 '15 at 5:17
  • @FranckDernoncourt you get to keep rep on deleted posts provided they have been around for 60 days, and have a score of 3 – Sathyajith Bhat Jan 28 '15 at 5:52
  • @Sathya Interesting, thanks, I didn't know. – Franck Dernoncourt Jan 28 '15 at 6:20

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