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Comments are small addendum to each question or answer, intentionally limited in size and formatting, and are meant to be temporary.

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Why are my comments linking to a Meta post about the question where I commented getting deleted after just a few hours? [duplicate]

I noticed that the two questions: Populate a Google slide automatically via Google spreadsheet How can I export a single event as an ICS file from Google Calender? got closed. I posted a Meta ...
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Improve posts by editing or commenting

Our goal is to have the best answers to every question, so if you see questions or answers that can be improved, you can edit them. Use edits to fix mistakes, improve formatting, or clarify the ...
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I can't answer a Stack Exchange question

I tried to answer a question where Gmail thinks someone is trying to access your account. The question mentions the person has VPN. But Stack Exchange prevents me giving an answer as I don't have 50 ...
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Comments are out of order

Open up If Google Drive doesn't count Google documents against storage space, can other formats be embedded or transferred to Google documents? Scroll down to the comments on the original post. ...
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I tried to post a comment to an answer, but I got Comments may only be edited for 5 minutes. How do I get around this?

Sorry, Stack Exchange, but some people type slow and might need more than 5 minutes to type out a comment. How can I post a comment to an answer to my question, for clarification, if the site's policy ...
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No completion of the name after @ in comments in Meta for Web Applications

There seems to be no completion popup when adding a comment to a particular answer. Steps to reproduce are: Navigate to Clicking on tag link on a question does not list other questions with that same ...
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Comment from user with reputation of 1

Just curious how someone who seems to be a new user with reputation of 1 and not the OP has managed to post a Comment. Privileges shows 50 comment everywhere Leave comments on other people's ...
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When someone comments on the original question and you do some trouble shooting, where should the results go?

If you make a question and someone asks you to try something, after you do it where should you put the results? For example you could always edit your original question to put the info there or if the ...
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I am able to upvote my comment

In this answer, which was written under my account on Super User and ported to Web Applications, I was able to upvote two of my comments. On other pages, I am not able to reproduce it, only in this ...
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Why did you delete my comment/question

Transfer cell value to another cell by clicking on a button in Google Spreadsheet I need help with understanding the code - why delete it?
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Answers as comments are correct, but no answers on questions - what to do?

I'm browsing through the unanswered questions area of the site and I've come across at least a three questions that have correct answers in the comments area and even suggested correct by the OP. ...
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Add comment button overflows into sidebar [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Comments somehow overflow when adding a new one On Safari 5, MacOS 10.5.8, when adding a comment the Add Comment button overflows into the sidebar. I have the browser displayed ...
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Comments somehow overflow when adding a new one

This happens under Chrome 6 every time I try to add a comment on that page. If I reload the page, everything is back to normal
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