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Let's vote! A project to bring some recognition to neglected content

There are currently 25,412 questions on Web Applications that are not closed or deleted. Of those, 3,979 have no answers at all. Worse, I think, is that there are 2,872 questions with answers, none of ...
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URL shortener cleanup project

For the most part, URL shorteners should not be used here. Their primary benefit—fitting long URLs into artificially scarce text spaces—is of no use here. The Question and Answer spaces are plenty ...
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Cancelling election - let's try something else? Testing three-vote question closure

UPDATE: Thanks for participating in this test! I'll look at the info and see how it went. In the interim, if you have any feedback you'd like to give, there's a place for that here: Feedback request - ...
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2012 Community Moderator Election

The 2012 Community Moderator Election is now underway! Community moderator elections have three phases: Nomination phase Primary phase Election phase Most elections take between two and three weeks,...
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2012 Community Moderator Election Results

Web Application's second moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the new moderators is: He'll be joining the existing crew shortly — please thank him for ...
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Let's not waste time trying to close old unanswered zero-score questions

If a question is a month or more old has the score of 0 has no answer there is no need to close it. If you find it's unclear or otherwise unsuitable for the site, just downvote it. With the score ...
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Why have several of my answers to meta posts been permanently locked?

Recently, a moderator, Rubén ♦, locked several of my answers to meta posts (three were permanently locked) as “There are disputes about this answer’s content being resolved at this time.” Those ...
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Do we want to reduce the number of votes needed to Close/Reopen questions?

Recently Stack Overflow reduced the number of votes needed to close/reopen questions from 5 to 3 after a successful experiment to see if it was worth it. The results were that it did improve the rate ...
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Enable tagged syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting has been disabled here 2010 because: We don't feel code highlighting is needed on web apps -- preformatted text is all that is intended, and auto-syntax would be a negative […] ...
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Clean up project: Office 365

I draw your attention to the tag office-365. There seems to be a bit of confusion on what this tag is for. Granted, the description isn't great, but that's fairly easily remedied. A goodly number of ...
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Let's clean up some OS tags

This is Web Apps. Web Apps, by and large, shouldn't care about what a user's underlying operating system is. Still, we have a bunch of questions that are tagged with operating system names. linux x15 ...
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We need a canonical "how do I add/modifyremove tags in my Tumblr theme" question

It seems to me that an awfully large percentage of questions about Tumblr are people trying to customize how or if tags appear in their posts. To wit: Deleted https://webapps.stackexchange.com/...
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Main and meta favicon are indistinguishable

There is no difference between the favicon / small logo (the one which is used e.g. in the Achievements dialog) of Web Applications and Web Applications Meta: (click to enlarge; the top one is meta, ...
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Where are all of these Office 365 questions coming from?

It seems that in the last week, there's been quite an increase in the number of questions about Microsoft Office 365 products. (Excel Online, Outlook on the Web, etc.) Don't get me wrong; I think it'...
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2013 Community Moderator Election

The 2013 Community Moderator Election is now underway! Community moderator elections have three phases: Nomination phase Primary phase Election phase Most elections take between two and three weeks,...

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