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How best to use those posts, both questions and answers, that are marked as editable by everybody and thus have no owner.

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Tackling the List Problem in Detail

Previous Discussions: Detailed List questions and CW “What are some sites?” or “Let's make a list of X!” type questions Are questions about finding sites to get free on topic ? Short, Opinionated ...
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Community wiki questions rate, why is it so high on Web Applications?

Looking at Web Applications questions, I've noticed that many questions are in Community Wiki or should be converted with CW flag (this one for example). Is this because the typical question on Web ...
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Should mods start making webapp-rec questions as CW?

Now that we have several mods, should we convert new questions that are marked as webapp-rec to community wiki? This post explains why they should be community wiki. I would recommend that if we do ...
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Detailed List questions and CW

I posted a question to ascertain what web-sites were out there for automated die-rollers. The motivation behind the question was that I wanted to find a die-rolling site that didn't require a sign-in,...
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Is it normal that answer to Community Wiki question aren't automatically turned to Community Wiki ?

Some question are Community Wiki, but because they where switch to Community Wiki after a couple of post, the first answers aren't Community Wiki. Is it a bug or it's intended ? Example : What ...
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Is "community wiki" the synonym for "poll"?

all the "lists of xyz", "hidden feature of abc" etc .. should be marked community wiki instantly. i am somewhat under the impression that the term "poll" would fit better :) i mean, almost all "cw"s i ...
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Hidden Features of X

The first hidden features question was asked earlier today. Now in my opinion these aren't questions that are suited for the WA site - there is no definitive answer for "What little known tips and ...
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