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For questions between the start of the public beta 2010-Jul-07 and the site graduation 2010-Sep-30 that were mainly intended to discuss the site workings and evaluate the site health.

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How to deal with MediaWiki questions

While digging through [mediawiki] I noticed some questions which are about using some specific wiki (such as Does the German Wiktionary have a way to request words to be added? which I don't think ...
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Tackling the List Problem in Detail

Previous Discussions: Detailed List questions and CW “What are some sites?” or “Let's make a list of X!” type questions Are questions about finding sites to get free on topic ? Short, Opinionated ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Are questions about Games on- or off- topic?

I ask a question about a game : Someone has downvoted my question because he says this is not about game. A game is an app,...
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Should mods start making webapp-rec questions as CW?

Now that we have several mods, should we convert new questions that are marked as webapp-rec to community wiki? This post explains why they should be community wiki. I would recommend that if we do ...
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Are questions about finding sites to get free <X> on topic?

There may be applications that are able to organize free assets efficiently and with features but the majority are either plain websites or blogs. I can allow that but since it is not possible to ...
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Are questions about which is the best/most popular <X> on topic?

Notice that the above title gives this message: The question you're asking appears subjective and is likely to be closed. I know based on other meta questions we allow, but do not encourage, "list ...
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Should questions that ask about using “web shops” be allowed?

There are some questions about Amazon ordering system etc. See: Is there a way to make Amazon visually show me that a product can’t be shipped to my default location? How do I remove 1 item from an ...
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Define "web application"

Do we have a good definition for "web application"?
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What should we do with WordPress questions and how tag them?

Users are starting to ask questions about WordPress. If they ask about I think they are on topic, but what if they ask about plug-ins that currently are not supported by ...
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