What kind of questions can I ask on this site?

Are there detailed examples of what's on-topic here?


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Scope of questions

For the main Web Applications site


  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) 1
  • Wiki, Collaboration 1, 2
  • Web services 1


Community Wiki

This post will be used to have a central repository of all content that is on-topic within this site. This is to be used as an extension of the general FAQ: What questions can I ask here?

General questions can be added as comments to this question
or as a new question with the tag.

  • This is really confusing. I thought the "Scope" section was a list of things that were on topic, but surely you don't consider Piracy on topic. Are you saying that these links are where we can find whether one of those things listed in the scope are on topic or not?
    – terdon
    2 days ago
  • @terdon I agree that this require more work. This FAQ was created during the public-beta that were a lot of questions about the site scope, naturally because one of the purposes of the public beta whas to clarify the site purpose and workings of the site at the time of validating that it deserves to "graduate". The links points to the discussions about each topic. The linked posts might need to be updated or clarified. It is also possible to replace the links by other posts.
    – Rubén Mod
    2 days ago

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