What kind of questions can I ask on this site?

Are there detailed examples of what's on-topic here?


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This post will be used to have a central repository of all content that is on-topic within this site. This is to be used as an extension of the general FAQ: What questions can I ask here?

General questions can be added as comments to this question
or as a new question with the tag.

Scope of questions

For the main Web Applications site



Don't Ask

Categories Discussions 
Finding free assets Are questions about finding sites to get free <X> on topic?
Recommending free alternatives Should *free* alternatives be on-topic?
Identify this app
  • Is this about identifing an interactive online IDE a question for Stack Overflow?
  • Should <identify-this-app> style questions still remain on topic ?
  • Etiquette or accepted practices in social media
  • Should practices in social media be on topic?
  • Are questions about etiquette on- or off-topic?
  • Creating websites
  • Are questions about creating websites on- or off-topic?
  • Are questions about self-installed web apps on or off topic? (Updated March, 2016)
  • Domain name, DNS records Should a question about Blogger DNS settings be posted on this site?
    Google Analytics Revisiting the decision on Google Analytics (Update October, 2014)
    Self installed web applications Are questions about self-installed web apps on or off topic?
    Wiki, Collaboration
  • Can we ask any kind of wiki question here?
  • Are questions about etiquette on- or off-topic?
  • Gaming Are questions about Games on- or off- topic?
    Developing web applications
  • If I'm working on a web app, do I ask here?
  • Where can I ask a question about creating/developing web applications?
  • Using an API Are API questions on topic or off topic?
    Places to program online Is this about identifing an interactive online IDE a question for Stack Overflow?
    Web services Is this site really the right place for Amazon Web Services?
    Adult web applications
  • Questions about Adult apps that conform to Jeff's restrictions allowed?
  • Are questions about "adult" web apps on or off topic?
  • Piracy Are questions about piracy off-topic here?
    Requesting information for illicit or illegal use Should questions requesting information for illicit or illegal use be allowed?
    Mobile Apps Is my question aboug Google Launcher off-topic?
    Web browser features (i.e. bookmarks) Is Web Applications still the best stop for bookmarklets?

    Use of Community Wiki

    Community Wiki is special type of post were all users can contribute directly. Community Wiki were used, but should not be used anymore, for the following purposes (see custom close reasons section below ) :

    Categories Discussions
    Poll questions Are questions about which is the best/most popular <X> on topic?
    Recommendation questions: Is there a web app Is asking "is there a webapp for x" on topic?


    Custom Close Reasons

    Reason Discussion Remark
    It is a question about creating/developing a web application. Re-phrase "web development" close reason Questions about creating websites have been off-topic since the private beta. Ref. Are questions about creating websites on- or off-topic?
    Questions asking for us to recommend or find a Web Application are off-topic and out of scope, as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam. However, your question may be on topic at Software Recommendations if you can rewrite it so that it meets their quality guidelines Please update the "recommendation" custom off-topic reason to include guidance to Software Recs Recommendation became officially off-topic on 2014. This was discussed Make all recommendation questions out of scope and off topic, regardless of research, and revisited on a discussion derived from a new Area51 proposal. Ref. Website recommendations
    Questions that ask about the internal policies, technologies, and algorithms of web application companies are off-topic because only the company or its developers truly know the answer. Please see: Why we're not customer support for your favorite company. Do we need a close reason for questions asking about proprietary/non-public information or policies?


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      This is really confusing. I thought the "Scope" section was a list of things that were on topic, but surely you don't consider Piracy on topic. Are you saying that these links are where we can find whether one of those things listed in the scope are on topic or not?
      – terdon
      Mar 22, 2023 at 18:20
    • @terdon I agree that this require more work. This FAQ was created during the public-beta that were a lot of questions about the site scope, naturally because one of the purposes of the public beta whas to clarify the site purpose and workings of the site at the time of validating that it deserves to "graduate". The links points to the discussions about each topic. The linked posts might need to be updated or clarified. It is also possible to replace the links by other posts. Mar 22, 2023 at 19:19

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