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Stack Exchange Inc has recently announced a partnership with OpenAI. This means my work may used to perform LLM text generation or similar, by Stack Exchange Inc or a third party.

  • I maintain my right to see the CC BY-SA terms respected: any work produced that includes my work must provide correct attribution.
  • If Stack Exchange makes an agreement with a third party that violates my CC BY-SA rights under the agreement, I will hold Stack Exchange Inc accountable as knowingly cooperating in that violation. According to CC BY-SA section 6(a), such a violation terminates the violator's rights to my work.
  • Pursuant to CC BY-SA section 6(b), if the violation is not cured within 30 days, Stack Exchange Inc will not have license to use my work restored until such time I provide “express reinstatement.” I will not under any circumstance provide this express reinstatement. No terms of service update will be considered to provide express reinstatement from me, for example.
  • Since my work is licensed to Stack Exchange Inc under CC BY-SA exclusively, this means Stack Exchange Inc will lose all right to access my work or reproduce it. That means it will lose permission to present my work on this website, in data dumps, or provide it to any third party.
  • In such a scenario, I would be entitled to request removal of all work I have ever submitted to Stack Exchange, including each post and its version history. Stack Exchange Inc would have no right to insist it may keep a copy of my work on its website.

Naturally the Internet Archive will have played no part in this and may continue to archive my work.

(Written May 11th, 2024)

Pronouns: She/her.

Trans rights are human rights.

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