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I have a wonderful wife, 3 terrific daughters, and 2 great dogs. In my spare time I read history and blog on political topics, including interviewing many of the elected officials here in Colorado (from both parties).

I'm CEO & founder at Windward Studios

I've written operating systems (including on the Win95 team at Microsoft), games (including Enemy Nations), applications, firmware, and enterprise server systems.

For the last 10 years I've been in both the Java and .NET world, mostly server side for Java, and both apps (Office AddIns) and server for C#. And for the last 3 years JavaScript/TypeScript also. (And truth to be told, since becoming CEO 2+ years ago I don't get to program much.)

I've written a couple of books (including No Bugs! (free copy)) and numerous magazine articles.

My email is david@windward.net if you need to contact me.


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