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I'm a Software Developer/Engineer from Hungary. I just finished University as an Electrical, Electronic, and Communications Engineering Technology/Technician, my specialization is industrial automation and communication. Previously I've done a one-year C# Software Developer course at Soter-Line Budapest, and an OOP course at City University London. My strongest skills are in the C#, .NET area. I have experience in using Entity Framework, LINQ and SQL, HTML, and CSS. I have some experience using WCF services, Javascript, WebSockets. I'm using GitLab, Visual Studio 2019, SSMS, and Windows Server 2012 R2 / 2016 for my everyday work. I'm open to trying new technologies but I'm highly experienced in C#, .NET. I like to work mainly remote, self-employed, but I'm open to every opportunity. I've done two official Microsoft courses (20480, 20483), they were about HTML, CSS, Javascript, C#.

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