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Worked in banking, gaming and ecommerce on sites ranging from 100s to tens of millions of views per day.

Front End development is my specialty, and I love all things DevOps - I know a fair bit about these 2, from how to create 3D games on a mobile all the way down to CI pipelines deploying to a kubernetes cluster.

I know CSS/JS/HTML inside out, including node. Not a stranger to React, Jest, SCSS, canvas and a great deal of other Front End bits that are not cool anymore. Can find my way around C#, Java, Scala and python. While I don't do much C++ these days, I can still put together a respectable explanation of how a linked lists or hashmap works. Used a fair bit of kubernetes and AWS/azure/google cloud.

Love TDD, automated testing and automation in general.

I run several services as private projects, including my email server, website and voice chat server.

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