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Hello, my name is Ryan, I'm an Elected Moderator on Arqade, the video gaming Stack Exchange site.

I'm a full-stack Software Engineer with years of experience in Web and App development. My current tech stack consists primarily of HTML5/JS (React, Typescript), as well as AWS Microservices, Postgres, and a bit of C#. Over the years I've worked with a multitude of technologies: ASP.NET, Android/iOS development, Xbox One and Windows 10 Apps (Both XAML and HTML based ones), Java and so on.

I also volunteer in Environment & Sustainability groups in my local area (if you're reading this and into that sort of stuff, you should join the Sustainable Living SE!).

I enjoy many video, board and card games, as well as D&D as both DM and player. I'm currently playing in a Star Wars 5e campaign, as a naive Droid Engineer: TA-1! Check it out here: Star Wars D&D.

Find me on:

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