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About questions on the main site that have no answers at all.
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For questions about users who have yet to fully register their accounts and their contributions and actions.
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Refers to user accounts either generically, or across the network.
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For questions about the user profile pages, which may contain some details of the questions and answers posted and of other activity on the site.
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For questions about the Web Applications Community in general (numbering approximately 100,000 at the end of 2017) and 'viewers' (eg referrals from Google searches) and special cases such as moderator…
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For questions about the feature that provides feedback regarding questions and answers that are considered well-researched, clear and/or useful (up votes) or not useful (down votes). May also be appli…
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the process by which users can vote to close a question. You gain the ability to cast close votes when you reach 3,000 Reputation.
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For questions about the system that allows the display of approval and disapproval, and determines user reputation, hence privileges. For questions about voting applied for other purposes see other ta…
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