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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 42
for requests to replace one tag with another existing tag. It also applies to requests that one tag should be merged into another, or simply abandoned.
× 18
For questions about the /review path where users can view and act on posts by other users that the system thinks may need attention.
× 108
when examining what is on-topic or off-topic on this site, and why.
× 7
For questions about search and advanced search features.
× 3
For (meta) questions about (main site) questions of an artificial nature whose purpose is to promote a product or service or increase the quantity of posts rather than as a genuine search for informat…
× 3
Questions also answered by the user asking, easily marked by the shaded user card attached to the answer.
× 1
the act of casting many upvotes or downvotes on the posts of a specific user without proper reason. Also known as voting fraud.
× 2
Don't know where to ask your question on the Stack Exchange Network? Give as much detail as possible about the question you'd like to ask, and the community will help you find the appropriate site.
× 10
for questions about suspected user spam, the spam flag or combating spam as a community.
× 3
used to query the community on the specifics of a particular answer posted on the main site or the meta site.
× 41
used to query the community on the specifics of a particular question asked on the main site or the meta site.
× 11
For questions about Stack Exchange, the parent of around 150 web sites (of which Web Applications is one) in connection with Web Applications. Other questions about "the SE family" or its parent may b…
× 8
For questions about quantities relevant to Web Applications. e.g. “unanswered questions” count, total number of questions, visits/day and other measures such as obtainable through https://data.stackex…
× 33
intentional and not subject to change
× 153
Indicates that the report has been resolved through the implementation of a feature or the fixing of a bug.
× 5
Indicates that the feature request will not be implemented, or that a bug will not be fixed at present time.
× 6
Indicates that the site developers were not able to replicate the behavior reported.
× 11
Users without full edit privileges can suggest edits to posts and tag wikis.
× 256
You need help with the use of one or more of the site's features.
× 2
For questions about free gifts Stack Exchange sends out to its users for reaching milestones, contests, and other events as well as the processes behind them.
× 12
A request to add one tag as the synonym of another tag. Please be specific about which tag should be a synonym of which. Bidirectional synonyms and cycles are implicitly disallowed, so suggest wisely.
× 4
For questions about cleaning up a tag or tags, be that removing the tag, clarifying the wiki and/or excerpt, or other.
× 5
For questions about the process and etiquette of creating new tags.
× 114
For questions about the behavior or usage of tags, which are keywords or labels that categorize and group your question with other, similar questions.
× 27
for questions about tag synonyms (how they work, who can create them, etc). Use [synonym-request] tag for tag synonym requests.
× 1
tip boxes that appear when attempting to add a tag to a question which is commonly used wrong or is blacklisted.
× 6
an editable page that briefly summarizes the topic of the tag and that may provide links to existing questions that are often useful to many people.
× 1
For questions about the navigation bar at the top of the screen of all Stack Exchange sites, which includes the search field, user icon and stats, and icons for the inbox, achievements, review queues,…
× 7
About questions on the main site that have no answers at all.