I've gone ahead and created alexa-skill and added an excerpt. It could probably use a full description.


apphub has been created. It could use a wiki and an excerpt, especially guidance for what questions are okay for Web Apps and what questions should be posted to Stack Overflow.


We don't want people who aren't well-versed with how Stack Exchange works making tags willy-nilly. The general guidance is to use the closest tag you can and include text in your question asking for the tag to be created. A user with sufficient privileges can take care of that and remove the text at the same time. Of course, one hopes that the lack of an ...


If there was a web app called "Question and Answer" then the tag would be a good fit and need to be created for questions about it. But since the example here is a tag based on a broad topic matter instead of a specific web app or website, it would not make a useful tag to have or create.

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