I think trello-cards, trello-boards & trello-organizations are good for now - we can expand the others if required.


I've gone ahead and created alexa-skill and added an excerpt. It could probably use a full description.


apphub has been created. It could use a wiki and an excerpt, especially guidance for what questions are okay for Web Apps and what questions should be posted to Stack Overflow.


If there was a web app called "Question and Answer" then the tag would be a good fit and need to be created for questions about it. But since the example here is a tag based on a broad topic matter instead of a specific web app or website, it would not make a useful tag to have or create.


Salesforce has its own Stack Exchange site. You might be better off asking your questions there instead.


These tags would be fine as an addition to the ones already there, but not as a total replacement to the general trello tag that already exists. Going through and removing that and replacing it with a subset version of the parent is a net loss. It's creating a tagsonomy division that only splits the focus. The web app is Trello, so it makes sense to have ...

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