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Is this site dead? Mostly yes. In my experience, most questions get no upvotes, no answers, and only a couple of views. As a result many questions get automatically removed (that's what happens with questions with score 0 and no answer). At least you can be happy that your questions didn't get downvoted or close voted for no valid reason (example 1 ; ...


The votes that you are referring aren't "serial downvoting" b/c the referred questions didn't include any research effort, they were very short (meaning unclear / brevivity should not sacrifice clarity), and they were not viciously choosen. In new tab of the main site Questions page I found a bad question, as the OP is a >10k rep user before ...


As Glorfindel mentioned, to my knowledge your rep probably doesn't influence the question ban. That said, you've had a bunch of questions which were downvoted and deleted which seemed to trigger the question ban and the ban seems to have been cleared for now


Perhaps surprisingly, but reputation does not affect whether you're question banned or not. (Of course, gaining upvotes helps both in increasing your reputation and avoiding the ban, but there is no direct link.) All information you need can be found in the FAQ on Meta Stack Exchange: What can I do when getting "We are no longer accepting questions/...

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