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Site Activity and VoteGraph 20160614 in the last 12 weeks

In taking a closer look, nothing nefarious is going on. Since it's impossible to know someone's motivations for voting, I am going to err on the conservative side and assume that people are ...
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2023: a year in moderation

Data highlights: Site Name Asked AskedAndClosed PctAskedAndClosed AllClosed All closed as a percentage of Asked DuplicatesClosed DuplicatesReopened OTClosed OTReopened UnclearClosed UnclearReopened ...
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2023: a year in moderation

The Web Apps SE community has practically no influence over which questions get closed or reopened I noticed some quite alarming stats: Out of 2335 questions closed in 2023, only 1 (0.04%) was closed ...
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Web Apps Meta > Users > Voters isn't working

It looks that the threshold is 10 votes, as jonsca mentioned in a comment to the question.
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2022: a year in moderation

What I noticed about the stats: The 696:11 Questions Closed by Moderators to Questions Closed by Community ratio is very high. The 707:6 Questions Closed to Questions Reopened ratio is also very high....
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Step change in new user numbers

Looking at only the numbers of 'New Users in week' after the change they seem much more variable than SO but average out to be slightly declining, with a slight recent upward trend:
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