I see two (fairly old) deleted questions on the account, these are what's contributing to the issue. Those are contributing to the warning you are seeing. Note that we now have warnings - letting you give proper thought to your next question, before a ban goes into effect.


This warning has been turned on network wide, but the block has only been turned on on a few - Web Apps wasn't one of them (at the time of writing). On the sites where the block is enabled, it's not a final warning but a "hey, pay attention you need to change how you ask questions" message. If you take note of what we're trying to tell you an improve your ...


As Glorfindel mentioned, to my knowledge your rep probably doesn't influence the question ban. That said, you've had a bunch of questions which were downvoted and deleted which seemed to trigger the question ban and the ban seems to have been cleared for now


Perhaps surprisingly, but reputation does not affect whether you're question banned or not. (Of course, gaining upvotes helps both in increasing your reputation and avoiding the ban, but there is no direct link.) All information you need can be found in the FAQ on Meta Stack Exchange: What can I do when getting "We are no longer accepting questions/...

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