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A better name for this community, part 1

Topic {Replace this with the topic; current topic: web applications.} Topic: Web Applications Notes: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Web Applications as a topic is already clear and straightforward. ...
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A better name for this community, part 1

Topic: questions about any website as an end-user and not a developer/webmaster/sysadmin/etc. Who is this site for: anyone (e.g., no need to be a "power user" to be allowed to participate).
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As of today, May 2023, who do we understand that is our intended audience and what is the first that we tell them about how to participate?

Audience: Anybody able to post using English and following the community norms. Regarding how to participate, the first thing should be explain that posts should kind, specific, brief and fully ...
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