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Bottom border is not displaying in the profile page

Good call. We (well, Josh mostly) recently did a lot of work to consolidate the bajillion LESS files used for all the Stack Exchange sites. Before that, this bottom border didn't exist on, ...
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What do we want to show as our target audience?

I believe the community, myself included, has already provided suggestions for these back in May 2023: A better name for this community, part 1. I will reiterate what I've mentioned there: Just change ...
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The submit buttons need a focus indication

This appears to have been done with the redesign a couple of years ago. The text of the button switches from dark to white when the button gets focus.
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Web Application's updated site theme is live for everyone!

status-completed Change visual appearance of visited links In old design visited questions were in slightly different color, which is also implemented in Stack Overflow new design: In Web ...
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Tooltip flows under header

The tooltip for the Impact widget is displaying under the bottom of the people reached label. So it is not overlap with the header. It has been status-completed. Screenshot for reference:
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