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Reopen "What do the red dashed lines mean in Google Maps?"

As I explained to the OP few days ago, the question was not improved enough to be reopened. As of September 10, 2023 the question stays without any improvement I will mark this question as status-...
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When do moderators plan to clearly state whether showing research is a requirement when posting a question on WebApps.SE?

A community manager stepped in to help clarify the policy: Does Web Apps Require Research? October 2023 seems likely to be when the policy will be decided.
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Why was our site's 13-year-old, very first question closed by a moderator 4 days ago as "needs details or clarity" without a clear explanation?

I believe that it is OK as it stands so I have reopened it. I've had a chance to discuss this with the other moderators, and there are ongoing discussions about the level of research that we expect ...
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Why was this question on "Where can I see all my comments on issues on GitHub?" closed by one moderator?

Your question was very clear and detailed, and it should not have been closed as lacking details or clarity.
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Request to reopen my question on sorting YouTube videos alphabetically in a playlist

The close reason on your question is currently for details and clarity so my answer is based on that. I didn't close your question but I'm happy to suggest some details you could add to improve your ...
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