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OMG Google-Fu is gone?

The chatroom has been unfrozen and reinstated.
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Why are some discussions about question reopening hold in private chatrooms?

With Example 1, the discussion was originally in a public room in Gallery mode (only mods and selected users can talk) with me ("the OP" referred to in the comment) and Rubén as participants....
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Please stop posting dummy/spammy comments on Google-Fu (this site "main" chat room)

A possible alternative which would keep the room from freezing and also it would be clear which messages are "fake" - even without having to go and check the content of the message - could be using a ...
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Google-Fu chat room frozen

It is ludicrous that Google-Fu is subject to being frozen. There is advice all over the place for some matters to "take it to chat" and yet 93,441 users here may not be able to. At the very least ...
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