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There's nothing wrong with asking and answering simple questions - after all they're only simple if you know the answer. If you don't know the right terms to search for then no amount of Googling is going to help. It's also worth posting if you have to go through several links or wizards to get to the answer or it is buried somewhere in the depths of a ...


Yes, a "this is not possible at this time" answer is perfectly acceptable. You should back it up with why it's not possible - quoting and linking to the relevant section of the help (if there is any) for example. Adding a workaround would be a bonus, but not essential. Of course, you should be prepared to have your answer downvoted at a later date should ...


Yes, very often someone has recognized the very problem the Asker has and built something to address it. "Why re-invent the wheel?" as the old saw goes. By all means, do recommend an app if it will solve the Asker's problem. Just don't simply leave a link as an answer and move on. An ideal answer will provide a link to the app, a basic description (...


That question was autoprotected by the system for having 3 spam/non-answer posts added to it back in 2017. The reason the answer box wasn't available was that the system requires you to have 10 reputation on a site (reference, this does not include your association bonus) to answer a protected question. That being said, there's no reason to continue to ...


To respond specifically to "does this [answering "not possible"] actually help anyone?" Absolutely. When trying (and failing) to do something in new software/apps, one of the hardest things is figuring out whether the problem is that the software cannot do what I want, or whether I just don't understand how to use the software correctly/as the designers ...


I deleted the answer and in hindsight this was an error. It was perhaps, on reflection, a hasty decision. Sorry, I made a mistake. I have reinstated your answer. Apologies for any confusion caused, please keep up the good work!


Downvote it and leave a comment that it's no longer valid. You should post a new answer with updated instructions


You should not delete your answer. Just prepend with a last working date. I find the idea of users searching around bothering people to delete time dependent answers cumbersome and useless. Your answer gave value (and reputation) so keep it.


Your source of rep is the association bonus, which is ignored when the check for protected questions is done. Hence, you cannot answer. This has been marked as status-by-design over here Stack Exchange doesn't allow me to answer protected questions because I gave away earned rep in bounties


The answers usually tend to be yes it's possible and an explanation. But in some cases like Is it possible to add icons to individual reports in a report module in CommCare? the answer is a straight up no this doesn't exist. In these cases do we consider the simple word "No" as sufficient answer even if it may be the correct one? Technically, the word "no" ...


Is the "new" Google Spreadsheets universal? I'm not sure that it is. For those who are still stuck using (or refusing to update from) the old/original Google Spreadsheets your answer may still be useful. Since it's not accepted, if you have determined that you can't edit it to be correct (at least, not without parroting the up-to-date answers), I guess the ...

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