I decided to do a test run with community wiki on


instead of closing as "Not Constructive" since it's just asking for a list of backup services (to be fair back then even I voted on the question).

So I merged all answers into one. And listed it by type.

The pros so far I see in this is

* having a quick view of what sites are out there without discounting the effort given for finding the apps.

The cons 

* if a post is made CW from the start, most users may not want to contribute (no rep to be gained)
* it could be an excuse to keeping list questions open
* someone needs to continually maintain it

A suggestion would be to push extended details (what each service does and their limitations) to separate answers. But then as seen with https://webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/753/hidden-features-of-google-search , one will not be able to control where the Table of Contents are shown (since we cannot force a user to accept a particular answer). 

Also if there was a way to control where the contents show up. One could keep the ToC answer CW, leave the rest of the answers non-wiki and ensure users answer with details. 

Is there any improvements/frowns to this? I think this is my umpteenth try working at the [tag:webapp-rec] problem but I will [just keep swimming][1].

  [1]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmyUkm2qlhA