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For questions about the feature that provides feedback regarding questions and answers that are considered well-researched, clear and/or useful (up votes) or not useful (down votes). May also be applied in connection with Comments (where votes are up only). For questions about the process by which users can vote to close a question use tag [vote-to-close].

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Reputation how to get Stackexchange vote rights

I want to upvote the second answer as it is better Turning Google Timeline into a travel map but for some reason new users or anyone with low reputation (But who has been using stackoverflow for 10 ...
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When should I vote to delete a question on Web Applications?

On Meta Stack Exchange Robert Cartaino's answer to When should I vote to delete a question? gives general guidelines about when we should vote to delete a question. During the 7 years of Web ...
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I am able to upvote my comment

In this answer, which was written under my account on Super User and ported to Web Applications, I was able to upvote two of my comments. On other pages, I am not able to reproduce it, only in this ...
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