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Related StackOverflow Blog post: Domain Names: The Wrong Question Nothing to Install is a fine name, probably one of the best in the network. Yet, it's confusing to have half the people talking about ...
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Should be renamed?

Although the description of specifies that its for: power users of web applications it really does a great job in being the place where people go when they have extremely ...
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Still daily web development questions. Should we tweak the site name?

A significant percentage of the questions we get every day are still about web application development, even though this site has never been about that. I can kind of understand. This site is ...
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A better name for this community, part 1

Request to non-members If you are not registered or have the minimal reputation required to post an answer, please consider joining The Bright Tree Village, a LinkedIn group I created on May 17, 2023. ...
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