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Markdown is a lightweight, plain-text, markup language. It is used across the entire Stack Exchange network for post formatting (Questions, answers, wikis, chat).

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Escaped \` works in comment, but not answer

In the question & answer editor, the input: `\`` produces the output: ``` Whereas in the comments, the same string correctly renders a code block containing a back-tick.
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Render Difference vs. Mobile

The table, created by Tom, renders a bit awkward on my Nexus 4. On my desktop it renders OK: Answer on Web Applications On my phone: Model: Nexus 4, OS:4.3, Browser: Chrome Beta OS: Win7, Chrome (...
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Guidelines for mini-Markdown formatting of icon-, button-, and feature-names?

When discussing specific Web Apps (such as Facebook, for example), are there guidelines for how things like icon-, button-, and feature-names should be formatted using mini-Markdown?
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Enable tagged syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting has been disabled here 2010 because: We don't feel code highlighting is needed on web apps -- preformatted text is all that is intended, and auto-syntax would be a negative […] ...
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<kbd> doesn't work in comments to answers/questions

Adding <kbd> tags into comments on questions & answers doesn't work. It just displays the HTML. SHIFT
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What is the Markdown editor used on this site?

I'm a real Markdown fan, and I would like to know if the editor used on this site is available as a plugin/etc. to use on other websites.
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Syntax highlighting is not working

Syntax highlighting does not work when adding code blocks (Like StackOverflow) See this answer for an example. It works here in meta though -@phwd
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