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For issues connected with site access to Web Applications as a registered user.

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How do I activate a Stack Exchange login (user+pass, i.e. not OpenID)?

I searched in the preferences but found nothing, so how do I create a user+password on Stack Exchange, on an account which I've been using with OpenID only?
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Why does Stack Exchange tell me "Passwords do not match" when I use 1Password to try and set up an account? [closed]

I use 1Password to manage my logins around the web. I'd have well over 200 Logins stored, so I'm no noob. However on the two occasions* that I've tried to create a Stack Exchange account and clicked ...
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"You've been logged in" message hidden behind "Welcome to" message

I just came to without being logged in and the "Welcome to..." banner appeared as expected. But then the white "You've been logged in" banner appeared below that, with the link ...
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Site not showing I'm logged in

After I login with Yahoo OpenID, the page I'm redirected to doesn't show that I'm logged in until I manually refresh it. Is this normal?
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