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For questions about hyperlinks (but for formatting these see [formatting]), permalinks, shortened, internal, external, 'magic' and dead links.

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Web Applications not accepting questions about web applications

Trying to post for the second time a question about HYPERLINKS. First on Stack Overflow, second on Web Applications (because error message said that it is a web-programming-related question). I should ...
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Percent-encoding of asterisks (*) in links

In this answer I linked a URL that contains a * character:*/ The * char seems to be converted to %2a. When I click this link, I get the ...
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Linked questions don't appear after move to new domain

As an example, here's a question that has a link to this question, but the link is through the old domain. This means that neither question shows the other in its list of ...
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Policy about link as answer

This question is about this one : Clear "view history" on YouTube The current answer is quite correct but annoys me a little. It is : YouTube Help has a solution on this. It seem that ...
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Shouldn't the meta.webapps page link to the main webapps site?

Seems obvious to me.
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