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Questions flagged as duplicate, and/or reasons to do so.

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How to handle duplicate questions with different answers?

Here is the problem: sometimes there are duplicate questions that have different correct answers, depending on the respective app's version. Here is an example: old question: How can I disable ...
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How to ask a question that has been asked before but not given a full answer

I have a question about my Web Applications Stack Exchange post: My Twitter account isn't showing up in other's notifications Ten days ago I was searching Stack Exchange for solutions to a ...
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"Forgot password" and "forgot username" are separate issues - question erroneously marked as duplicate

The question How can I recover my Gmail account when I remember the password, not the username? is really about an odd case where a user remembers his password, but not his username. I have suggested ...
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If two questions have the same answer, are they duplicates and should they be merged?

This question is prompted by a recent point made by @StevenVascellaro on his post Find the most liked tweet from an account, when I answered his question he duly noted that my answer also served as ...
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What question should be used (or set) as the canonical question for questions about split/transpose column values?

We have "yet another" question about "data transformation" in google-sheets that is about having a column filled with values separated by a character that should be split & ...
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Deleted Answers Article Not Specific Enough, Request to Clarify

After reading the Why and how are some answers deleted? article I suspect one of my answers submitted on the WebApplication site was deleted by a moderator here because it was not in accordance with ...
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Is "Un-stick sticky search bar (like on YouTube or Facebook)" a canonical question?

I have an issue with Google's recently introduced sticky search bar in its search portal. I find it annoying because it is useless to me and takes away my precious screen real estate. I looked for ...
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Are two questions with no answers not duplicates even if they're the same?

This is a two-parter (but related): Has it always been the policy that a duplicate is not a duplicate if neither question has been answered? Does this make the most sense in terms of drawing ...
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Remark Added By Closing Question Based On Duplicate

Can we please rephrase (capital P) possible duplicate of into Possible duplicate of See screenshot below:
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Let's re-open this question, it is not a duplicate

Replace old Authenticator option in my Google account I added details to the question to make it clear why the "duplicate" that has been pointed at does not solve anything (and is actually ...
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My question was closed as duplicate, but it's not

My question: Is it possible to permanently turn off YouTube annotations? Supposed dupe: How can I permanently disable video annotations on YouTube? Did anyone actually read my question? I explicitly ...
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A regular user failed to flag a question that was duplicated a week ago

I have been unfairly treated. I spent an hour of my time to do research to answer this question, so I even missed the lecture I had that morning, because I wanted to sort this out and give a thorough ...
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Reopen a question

Who can view which circles in Google Plus? I just was notified that the above question is popular. It should be reopened. It is NOT a duplicate. I am asking if there is a way members of a circle only ...
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The handling of duplicates should be integrated

When people see a duplicate some vote to close, some authors delete it, some don't and some post a link to a duplicate in a comment. It's all very messy for something that is bound continually to ...
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