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For questions about competitions on the site (originally relevant around the time Web Applications graduated), so this is unlikely to be of use on new questions.

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Web Applications Anniversary Contest [closed]

The Contest is now closed Please check back later for updates here or on chat for the winners If you were following from Celebrating our Birthday, we would like to have a contest so here it is!!! ...
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Clean up a thon contest! [closed]

Kicking off the activity by introducing an idea brought up by JohnC. Clean up a thon!!! Cleaning's an art. My mop is my paintbrush. Our answer rate has dropped to 87% which may seem great but it's ...
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Celebrating our Birthday

Happy Birthday!!! It's been suggested we have a competition to celebrate our first birthday. In a similar format to Super User, the contest would most likely last two weeks and there will be prizes ...
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Nominations open for the Most Valued Web Applications User

Nominations are now closed Please check back later for updates here or on chat for the winner In celebration of Web Applications' 1st Anniversary, we are holding a contest to reward the most active, ...
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Web Applications Anniversary Contest - The Winners [closed]

As you may be aware, Web Apps held a contest to win some swag to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. The contest officially ended at 16:00 EST on 18th November and your friendly Web Apps Moderators ...
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Web Applications Anniversary Contest Prizes

Have any of the all-time winners received their prizes - $100 worth of a web application subscription? A while back I received an email with a link to a Google Forms form, which I completed, but ...
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