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A bounty is a way to get additional attention for a question by offering some of your own reputation for great answers.

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Question with bounty ends in a draw

For this question I added a bounty to draw some attention: What is the best way to merge friend lists on Facebook? In its current state, the outcome is undecided. What will happen with the bounty ...
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Offer Bounty on Question

I've seen a nicely styled first question (Google Spreadsheet tag: Google Sheets: "Split" delimited string, preserving blank entries) and I would like to award a bounty. Not to receive ...
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Number of Featured Questions Not Corresponding

I just answered one of the featured (bounty) questions. Checking the other questions, made me realize that only 4 questions were shown: After clicking the complete list link, it showed me this list: ...
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Why no bounty for a +2 accepted answer?

I'm just curious as to why no bounty was awarded for an answer with two upvotes and that was accepted by the author? How to get weekly data from Foursquare It's my answer (sorry I'm super lame) and ...
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Unanswered Bounty question

I asked a question that didn't receive enough attention, so I started a bounty. It remained unanswered for a week, and my bounty automatically closed, but I didn't get my points back. How is this ...
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Why is there a Bounty option for an Answered Question

Why does a question still have the: start a bounty field lit up, as the question has been marked as answered? Example: Is Gmail for business still free
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