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Does Web Apps Stack Exchange Require Research?

October 30th, 2023 As we are not seeing anything that needs to be debated at this point in time. I am going to accept the answer I proposed to the community. Of course, this policy doesn't need to be ...
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2023 Moderator Election Q&A – Question Collection

The purpose of this thread was to collect questions for the questionnaire. The questionnaire is now live, and you may find it here. Web Applications Stack Exchange is scheduled for an election next ...
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Is there a lack of voting on Web Applications?

I have noticed that there is a lack of voting on answers and questions. There needs to be something that encourages people to upvote useful answers, or upvote good questions. I've personally seen ...
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Do the moderators plan to close most questions on this site?

A mod has decided that showing research in a question is now a requirement. The requirement is retroactive. However most questions on this site do not show research. Do the moderators plan to close ...
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Is this site not running as well as it deserves?

I noticed a relatively new user posted this in a question about the performance of this site. When asking How does one prevent Facebook from automatically combining uploaded photos in the timeline?, ...
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What does the community think about asking (and answering) really simple questions?

I've got a few family members that are, well let's just say "not very technologically astute", and have asked me a few times similar questions on how to use different online services that most people ...
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Kind reminder, voting is Important!

Voting is important Web Applications SE as well all the other Stack Exchange sites are run by the community. After posting questions and answers one of the most importants actions that users can do to ...
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As of today, May 2023, who do we understand that is our intended audience and what is the first that we tell them about how to participate?

Preface Please forget about what I said in Let's make "research efforts" more specific: request to search the web app help, and let's start from scratch. In this post, I'm trying to ...
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According to the statistics, Facebook users have moved from desktop to mobile

To be crystal clear, this doesn't include new or changes to existing rules or workings. I'm sharing thoughts, providing guidance and making requests. By making a request, I mean that you can take the ...
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Reopen "What do the red dashed lines mean in Google Maps?"

The question What do the red dashed lines mean in Google Maps? was closed, but I don't see a reason why it should stay that way. While it may have been unclear in its first revision, I edited to make ...
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Is showing research is a requirement when posting a question on WebApps SE? [closed]

I am confused about whether showing research is a requirement when posting a question on WebApps SE. Requirement means that if the OP doesn't show research, then the question must be closed. One of my ...
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How are we supposed to show one's research when posting a question?

A mod has decided, against the community, that showing research in a question is now a requirement. How are we supposed to show one's research when posting a question? Example: How can I view the ...
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2023 Moderator Election candidates: What's your approach to moderation in the face of community disagreement? Will you prioritize community consensus?

(This post is for the candidates who are running for the 2023 Web Applications SE Community Moderator Election.) As you may already know, there have been a number of recent meta posts on Web Apps SE ...
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Why was my question on listing all mails in Outlook closed by a moderator as "needs details or clarity"?

My question How can I see all mails in the Microsoft Outlook web interface (OWA)? (mirror) was closed by a moderator. I chatted with the moderator regarding the closure and I believe the moderator ...
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Why did I receive a 30-day suspension because of a few questions closed by a new policy ("show research") introduced after the questions were posted? [closed]

On March 10, 2023, I received a 30-day suspension due to, according to one moderator, low-quality questions. I am puzzled because: I had only 2 questions over the 30 days prior to the suspension, as ...
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