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Should *-rec tags be added?

A convention has been established on where questions that ask for software recommendations, are tagged software-rec. I'm wondering if the same convention should be used here with webapp-...
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Are questions about "adult" web apps on or off topic?

Would it be appropriate to have questions about adult-themed apps that potentially could contain links to such 18+ sites (in answers or questions)? Just asking 8] Return to what should our FAQ ...
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Define "web application"

Do we have a good definition for "web application"?
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Is asking "is there a webapp for x" on topic?

These questions struck me as way off topic from the home page, but perhaps the question really was intended to be "is there a web app for this." Is this type of question considered on topic? How can ...
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Is it accepted to answer recommendation questions with non web-based solutions?

I'm referring to this question where one of the solution is a non web-based app. Do we want that or should we only answer with web-based solutions even if there are better apps out there?
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As of today, May 2023, who do we understand that is our intended audience and what is the first that we tell them about how to participate?

Preface Please forget about what I said in Let's make "research efforts" more specific: request to search the web app help, and let's start from scratch. In this post, I'm trying to ...
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How is the FAQ page going to be written?

So, you guys are first. And with that distinction comes some random craziness. We haven't established exactly how some of the community-specific content is going to get created. We know it is going to ...
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Site Attributes [closed]

Alright, so it looks like it's up to us to figure out the site attributes and a way to vote on them. I think having a single post that will link to the others will help with the organization, so here ...
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Are questions about self-installed web apps on or off topic?

There are some levels to this... Which of the following question types do we accept and which do we reject as off-topic? Recommendations for which web app software to install - not technical ...
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Decision process regarding Greasemonkey scripts

The page "What topics can I ask about here?" mentions "Greasemonkey scripts". My question: Is there some publicly available information about the decision process of mentioning &...
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Are questions about browsers accepted as long as they are related to using a web application? [duplicate]

There already are questions about bookmarklets but are questions about browsers (plugins, features) accepted (as long as they are related to using a real web application?). For example, questions ...
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