I voted to close this question as it seemed to me to be too localised as site policies change over time. However, the owner disagrees, as when policies change the answers can just be edited.


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I wouldn't close as "too localized" on that basis. Any answer to a question can change. Technology itself changes constantly. That doesn't make the question too localized, or we would have virtually nothing to talk about.

I would agree if, for example, photo sites notoriously changed their bandwidth caps daily. A better example of "too localized" is something more along the lines of "how much does it cost to buy X." Obviously too localized.

But not in this case.


To expand on my answer:

Site policies will always change. The crux of Stack Exchange is to be able to edit that information when it changes.

How many Facebook questions would have to be closed because their privacy policy is ever changing? By definition, any privacy question would be closed as too localized.

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