has quite a number of questions tagged to it, but considering the name of this site seems to be rather redundant. I mean, technically, every question on here should have that tag.

There's no description of the tag, and I don't see anything about any of the questions that create a logical grouping.

I think the tag should be black-listed. As well as and .

See also: Is the [web-apps] tag partially redundant?

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I have removed the following tags from any questions on Web Application and they have been subsequently blacklisted.

Thanks go to Rebecca for sorting out the blacklisting.


I agree that the tag does not add any value to questions as every question should be about a web application. It is a meta tag for this site and should be removed.

As discussed in the Death of Meta Tags

  1. The tag cannot work on its own as a tag to a question
  2. The tag can used to mean to some that they are looking for a web application (which is meta for this site) and others because of migrations from other SE sites.

Hopefully the other mods agree and a dev happily burns it.

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    I agree. Both web-applications and web-apps are pretty useless for WebApps. I say we click the button called BURNINATE!! Commented Jun 29, 2011 at 16:11

there should be one tag as a catch-all for web apps that don't have their own tag yet, & this tag should be prominently displayed to users on the submission page. Ideally it would be recommended when a user attempts to submit a question without supplying any tags. What happens when you BURNINATE a tag? does it delete all the questions which are tagged with that tag?

EDIT: Oops I just realized this post is almost 10 years old. ignore me

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