I checked the Users > Editor > All tab, and learnt that I have made 108 edits so far. "Strunk & White" badge is given after 80 edits, but I did not receive it. What could be the problem here?


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Copy/pasting my reply from Super User-

There are.. certain requirements which count for "edits"

  • does not include edits to your own posts
  • does not include edits to tags
  • community-wiki posts are eligible
  • tag wiki posts are eligible
  • only edits to title and body count towards the S&W/Copy Editor badges

There is a SEDE query for tracking edit progress ( thanks to Lord Torgamus/Popular Demand for composing the query.

The query mentions that you still need to do about ~40***** more edits to get the badge.

***** although the query mentions you need 79 edits, considering that the SEDE relies on datadumps which are out of date and need not necessarily hold the required information, I removed 30 more edits, giving an approximate number. The actual required number might be higher/lower

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    Hi Sathya, I was suddenly given the Strunk & White badge a minute ago. Isn't that strange? Mar 12, 2011 at 17:05
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    The badges are given as part of a scheduled job @MehperC. Palavuzlar, you might have crossed the threshold earlier in the day, and awarded right away :) Mar 12, 2011 at 17:07

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