Out of 3600 questions, it looks like just under 10% have no answer at all. This is just above the bar for a healthy beta site - has anyone analyzed the questions to see if there's any way to reduce the % of entirely unanswered questions?

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We have a new process that automatically removes very old, unloved unanswered questions network wide.

Enable automatic deletion of old, unanswered, zero-score questions after a year?

The actual criteria are:

  • less than (question age in days * 1.5) views
  • 0 score or lower
  • no answers
  • 1 comment or less
  • asked more than 1 year ago

So, wait for these questions to get 365 days old and they should "die off" naturally.


This site was in beta on June 30th 2010 -- so by June 30th 2011 we should start seeing auto-deletion of these sorts of questions.

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