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I suggested a synonym 'formulas' → 'formula'. Please vote.

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'formula' is now remapped to 'formulas'.


I think that for consistency, we should have tags in plural form. Another way to think about it, is to fill in the blank: This question is about <tag-name>.

For this reason, I think [formula] should be merged into [formulas].

Note: for some of the other synonyms I suggested, I wasn't able to choose the plural form as the master tag, so I chose the singular form. Once one of these have been approved, I would recommend that a mod change it to its plural form for consistency.

It's a good spot anyways, so thanks for the suggestion. One other thing to note is that only 5 of us at the present time have enough reputation (2500) to vote on the synonyms.

  • I don't have strong feelings either way, so long as we're consistent.
    – ale
    Oct 15, 2010 at 20:25

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