From FAQ of Web Application Chat:

If you want to discuss a certain question that has been posted on Web Applications, you can create a room for it.

To do so, just prepend "chat." to the question link. For example, if you want to chat about https://serverfault.com/questions/145777, visit http://chat.serverfault.com/questions/145777. If there is an existing room for this question, you will enter it immediately. Otherwise, a new room will be created with you as the owner.

I found two issues on this topic:

  1. Why https://serverfault.com/ is mentioned here, not https://webapps.stackexchange.com/?
  2. Why prepending "chat." is not working for questions in the meta site?

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1: that is just a bug; well fix the FAQ to pick up the correct parent site

2: we only have the one DNS entry; however (undocumented) "/questions/meta/145777" will do what you want

We still need to guage how key this is in terms of whether the we add complexity to the core Q&A UI that is only used in low% of questions.

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