What is the policy for members who run webapps, particularly regarding questions tagged webapp-rec? Are disclaimers required or suggested? Can those members work on the relevant wiki tags?

For example, if I worked for Yammer (I don't), in what way might my contributions to questions tagged webapp-rec, chat, intranet, and yammer and to the wiki pages for those tags?

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FWIW, an OnStartups meta question was recently asked about basically the same thing:
Are users allowed to offer their/suggest their own services?

The top-voted answer there suggests that yes, this should be allowed, provided that:

  1. The suggestion adds value to the answer, rather than a shameless plug. There must be enough additional information to earn the plug.
  2. Users should state they are plugging their own service

I think that works pretty well for this site too.

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    I like this response, though I'm going to wait a little while to see if there are good counterarguments before marking it "accepted." Commented Oct 2, 2010 at 16:28

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