This question is a perfect example of the kind of question we don't want on WebApps. Can you imagine how many of these we're going to get every time the intertubes have a hiccup?

Nothing against the asker, of course. He's legitimately wondering if the site is going/gone away. But it's still not the kind of question I think we want to see here.

  • Good thing there's a too localized close option. Sep 30 '10 at 1:44

I've posted a CW question along with an answer - How do I diagnose when and why a website is down?

Feel free to make the question better and add your own answer.


Well, we probably want a single "how do I diagnose when and why a website is down?" question.

That'd be a great resource, then close them all as dupes of that question.

(this sort of linking also ambiently bumps a question in the tag /faq pages)

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