Not sure which way round this should go, and this would probably be a good use for synonyms. Whilst there are subtle differences between clicking the Contacts button in GMail, and going to the Contacts only web page I don't think there's enough difference to justify two tags.

[gmail-contacts] x 7
[google-contacts] x 16

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I would favor [google-contacts]. I think [gmail-contacts] might be more familiar to users, but it isn't as accurate. Modifications to contacts from within Gmail affects your global contacts, not just Gmail. This is why I think [google-contacts] would be better as it is more correct. If we merge [gmail-contacts] into [google-contacts] and then setup a tag synonym so that new questions can't be created with [gmail-contacts] I think we'd fine.


Right now, the Contacts product available through Gmail is significantly different than the general Google Contacts (accessible by itself, through Google Voice, etc.)

So, until they are once again completely the same I'd say leave it be.

Update: This is still true, by the way. The Contacts app in Gmail is much different than the Contacts app available elsewhere.


Originally they used to be two separate products, but now it seems like Google has merged the two. I think that [gmail-contacts] should be used instead of [google-contacts], since you access it through Gmail.

The only concern is for Google Apps users, but I think [gmail-contacts] is fine for them as well.

What do you guys think?

  • As an Apps user myself, I see no problem with which one is decided on, particularly if they are set up as synonyms.
    – GAThrawn
    Aug 25, 2010 at 16:35

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