The question was about a Gmail user that wanted to know which email messages were forwarded on their Gmail account. What happened was a friend (or someone the person knows) logged in a while ago and made all emails forward a copy to him. The owner of the account didn't realize this until much later and wanted to know which emails this friend has a copy of.

I've been trying many different queries, but can't find it. Here's the last query I used:

site:webapps.stackexchange.com (gmail OR google) (friend OR someone I know) (~forward OR copy) (address OR account OR email)

The reason I'm trying to find it is that the answers might help this similar question.


Is there any way to tell which of my messages have been auto-forwarded

Here's the search I used.

  • Wow, I can't believe I couldn't find it. I would have sworn it was deleted. Good find and thanks!
    – Senseful
    Aug 6 '10 at 11:52

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