Since a CM recently stated that showing research is not required, I flagged the question How can I import my papers to my ResearchGate profile from Google Scholar or ORCID? for reopening, but the flag was declined (no reason was given). Why is the question kept closed?

To answer D.W.'s comment, this a request for information about "why": it is not a request to re-open the question (since I want to understand the "why" first). I'd prefer if the mod explained their decision but I am also interested in hearing from other users about whether the question should be re-opened.

  • Is this a request for information about "why", or is it a request to re-open the question? If it is a request for information, is it really a request for why the mod made that decision (which only the mod can answer), or are you perhaps seeking a discussion from the community about whether the question should be re-opened or not? Please edit your post to be explicit and clear about exactly what you are requesting.
    – D.W.
    Jan 21 at 22:13
  • @D.W. thanks, added in the question. Jan 21 at 23:45

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I have voted to reopen the question. There is a clear policy on research standards that was established by community consensus at Does Web Apps Stack Exchange Require Research? I believe this question complies with the site policy and should be reopened. Quoting the relevant parts of the aforementioned meta post here:

As demonstrated by the community, including research in a question is not required for question asking on Web Apps.

While it can certainly be helpful to include your research in a question, it's not strictly necessary for a good question to be asked. A lack of present research does not cause a question to be unsatisfactory.

Considering the above, close votes for lack of research won’t be necessary.

However, closed questions can be reopened should they otherwise be of an adequate standard for Web Apps. If the only reason for a question's closure was due to a lack of research, it would qualify to be reopened.

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