Today, looking at Google-Fu chatroom info, I noticed that our newest elected moderator was not a chatroom owner, so I added him.

Sorry, Blind Spots, for the delay.

This led me to think about the convenience of updating the chatroom description and tags. Suggestions?

Top Tags

Since the Tags page shows all-time popularity and some of these tags have not been active recently, I think adding the Top Tags using a SEDE query could be a good idea.

I did a quick search, and one of the results that attracted my attention was Top Tags in the last Month. The result is

Tag Count Remarks
13 It's not a web app.
10 It's not a web app.
5 It's not a web app.
4 It's not a web app. See Related section.

Putting aside the tags not corresponding to a specific web app, I think the following might be appropriate to be added to the chatroom.



Questions and Answers from Top Tags in the Last Month

SEDE queries work with updated on Sundays. https://data.stackexchange.com/help tells when the last updated occurred. I mention this because if you do a search now, you might get different counts.

I removed from the Google-Fu chatroom description because while there are new questions, there was only one answer in the last month.

I'm wondering if it might be possible to add . It is not shown in the autocomplete list.

Martin at Google-Fu

It seems that this feature request is asking exactly for this: Can we have meta tags for chatrooms?


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