My question "How can I disable "small caps" in my text in PowerPoint 365 on the web?" (archive.org snapshot) was closed by a mod as "needs details or clarity."

In response, I added more details but the question remains closed. Why?

Comments were moved to chat and I reviewed that transcript but I still don't understand why the question is still closed.

For example, the mod wrote:

This is an esoteric problem and troubleshooting it is not a good fit for the site.  [Author: Blind Spots]

Is the question still closed because the mod thinks it's an esoteric problem? A troubleshooting question? Is it because it still "needs details or clarity?" Or, is there another reason?

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    I recommend that readers read the edit history of this question. It was heavily edited by a moderator. The OP is suspended, and has no opportunity to roll back the edit or to post comments. Sep 5 at 21:25
  • @Flimm I was fair to the OP and I wanted to address the close reason. I think that having the question answered is in the best interests of the OP and the community. What is your motive. Did I mischaracterize the question? Should I have just left it alone?
    – Blind Spots Mod
    Sep 5 at 23:37
  • @Franck I intend to provide an answer to this question when time permits. Sorry for the delay.
    – Blind Spots Mod
    Sep 14 at 13:46
  • @BlindSpots thanks for the update Sep 14 at 15:09


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