I've recently noticed that some discussions about question reopening hold in private chatrooms.

Example 1: Reopen "What do the red dashed lines mean in Google Maps?":

This question (including the current answer) are being discussed privately with the OP and separately with the mod team. Rubén Aug 18 at 14:37

Example 2: Request to reopen my question on sorting YouTube videos alphabetically in a playlist:

Comments have been moved to chat; please do not continue the discussion here. Before posting a comment below this one, please review the purposes of comments. Comments that do not request clarification or suggest improvements usually belong as an answer, or in Web Applications Chat. Comments continuing discussion may be removed. Rubén yesterday

As pppery pointed out:

the chat room inexplicably made private.

Why are some discussions about question reopening hold in private chatrooms?

I thought such discussions should be public, since the community also has a say about question closures.


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With Example 1, the discussion was originally in a public room in Gallery mode (only mods and selected users can talk) with me ("the OP" referred to in the comment) and Rubén as participants. The discussion, however, quickly hit a wall since some of the relevant details (such as why some posts were locked) have to do with private stuff. I figured it would be a much more useful conversation if neither one of us was holding back, so I suggested having a private conversation instead. Making the room private was the fastest and easiest way to do that. (I'm a moderator on other sites so I can be privy to those details.) I did post a summary of what I could from the chat.

As for Example 2, I wasn't involved in that chat at all and have no access to the room, so I can't answer that. However, assuming a second mod wasn't involved, it can't be the same reason as the first chat.


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