I looked at questions about the web user interface of a cloud computing service such as , and , but I couldn't infer a consistent closing policy. What questions about the web user interface of a cloud computing service are off-topic?

My research:

How do I increase my Virtual Server's clock speed? mentions:

Hosting is off-topic here. Asking about their web interface would be on-topic. – jonsca. Apr 22, 2014 at 5:54

allquixotic mentionned:

Web Apps.SE: Really the only scenario where you might pose a topical question about AWS on Web Apps.SE would be if you have a question about using the (admittedly somewhat complicated) AWS Management Console. This is very much an "end-user" application, in that, the workflow involves putting in your login/password, then clicking through a bunch of links and buttons, entering data, etc. The format of these questions would be no different than a question about gmail's interface.

I see that 7 years ago, someone attempted to clarify the policy for AWS: Is this site really the right place for Amazon Web Services?. But the closing policy wasn't clarified and AWS is just one of many cloud service providers.

Example of such questions about the web user interface of a cloud computing service:

  1. How can one obtain a AWS session token on the AWS website?
  2. Can I see how much AWS would otherwise be costing me if I weren't on free tier?
  3. Azure DevOps Organization Setting
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Most questions about AWS are off-topic at Web Applications Stack Exchange (webapps.se). Questions that might be on-topic are about using a web application as an end-user / power user.

A web application is a type of application software.

Most questions about AWS are about system software / cloud computing.

Using a web interface to administer DNS host service usually will be off-topic at webapps.se because they are better served in other sites like Server Fault (sf) and Webmaters (webmasters.se).

Using a web interface to administer an email service is usually off-topic at webapps.se for the same reason.

The same happens with questions about AWS.

Questions related to Azure depend on what is specifically asked. Azure is a brand that encompasses very diverse stuff.

Unfortunately, there isn't a rule of thumb about where the questions belong based on brands like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. or even on the subsidiary / "child" brands like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.

P.S. Google Analytics is an edge case. It's a web application but is mainly used by webmasters in a professional setting. Google Analytics questions rarely get answers here as webmasters usually participate in webmasters.se.


Part 1

I wonder if this image from Cloud Computing might help clarify Web Applications SE's scope.

Cloud computing: Infrastructure, Platform, Application, Devices

Cloud computing: Infrastructure, Platform, Application, Devices

  • Infraestructure: Off-topic.
  • Platform: Off-topic.
  • Application: Might be on-topic.
    • Web applications: might be on topic. Due to the broad scope of webapps.se, niche web applications, especially those pointed to professionals, rarely get answers here. We might think about finding ways to foster site-crossover collaboration, i.e., apps to handle personal finance might be attractive to members of Personal Finance and Money.
    • Native applications (apps designed to run in specific operative systems): Off-topic.
  • Devices: Off-topic.
Part 2

Site recommendation questions from Meta Stack Exchange (oldest questions first, might need to be updated)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)



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